Peter Eckerline

Finance / Retired Managing Director.

About Me

Pete’s commitment to giving back goes beyond his financial contributions. He takes time out of his busy schedule to volunteer with local organizations, such as Orono Youth Hockey Association and St Bartholomew Catholic Church. Peter has also been involved in the University of Minnesota’s Leadership committee, to help raise funds for Gopher athletics and facilities. His dedication to helping others has been recognized by those around him, as he was awarded the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Presidents Award.

Leisure and Hobby Activities

Peter is a bit of a renaissance man - he loves playing golf, basketball, and pickelball in his spare time. He's also coached in the Orono community and has been President of the youth hockey association and Wayzata Country Club. In college, he ran track and was a three-time letter winner. Today, he cheers on his son Danny and the Johnnies Men's Hockey Team in Collegeville.

During his downtime, Pete loves spending time outdoors, golfing and fishing. Like many Minnesotans, he takes full advantage of the natural resources and abundant life in the upper Midwest. Pete also loves traveling to new places and meeting new people, but his favorite place is always home in Minnesota. The Twin Cities are home, and nowhere in the world can compete with being close to a loving family and a community where you belong.

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